Cell Fenders

The cell fender is a well in trenched fender type. This fender features a hollow cylindrical body with fully embedded rubber mounting flanges and designed to divert in an axial direction. Originally designed to replace the cylindrical fenders because these types of fenders have more than 30 years track record with minor improvements. These types of fenders are very durable and have been tested for many decades in many ports around the world. The following fender characteristics of the specific type are:

  • Good absorption of energy in relation to the reaction force ratio (E/R).
  • Completed and fully-embedded fender flanges require for the assembly & installation simple.
  • Superb shear strength resistance due to the large diameter of the fender flanges.
  • High strength as the internal stresses are distributed throughout the fender body.
  • In heights between 400 and 3000 mm, each in multiple hardness grades for the most exact fender selection.
  • Applying to bulk, Ro-Ro, container, cruises Terminals / Offshore platforms /Oil and LNG facilities/ Multi user berths.