ShibataFenderTeam delivered Element Fenders for Finland’s first hybrid-electric ferry

In May 2017, Elektra was christened, Finferries’ newest addition to their fleet. Elektra is Finland’s first hybrid-electric ferry and operates between Parainen and Nauvo, a 1.6 km route in the Turku Archipelago.

It departs every 15 minutes, 25 times a day and can operate around 9 km on one charge, transporting 90 cars and 375 passengers.
The berth for Elektra is equipped with high quality ShibataFenderTeam fenders. SFT delivered 6 Element Fender Systems, each consisting of 2 Element Fenders and Corner Protection Sets consisting of 4 Cylindrical Fenders including a steel plate. Element Fenders have a good energy absorption to reaction force ration and high energy absorption per fender weight. Cylindrical Fenders are very robust, easy to install and have a high abrasion resistance.

Delivering fenders for the second electric ferry on a commercial route anywhere in the world has been an interesting and challenging project for ShibataFenderTeam. We are proud to ensure a smooth operation for Elektra every time it docks to be connected to its charger unit and to pick-up / drop-off passengers and cars.