This type of fenders is an alternative as regards the fixed fenders and mainly used in:

  • Ports with significant tidal variations.
  • For ship to ship usage and ship to berth.
  • For the Navy vessels due to the low hull pressure.
  • Oil & Gas

The advantages of this type of fender are the following:

  • Corresponding increase of energy and reaction force.
  • Low hull pressure
  • Economical solution
  • Easy and fast usage and storage on many environmental areas.

We supply pneumatic floating fenders in different types, colors and sizes as follows:

  • Three (3) different levels internal pressure covering a wide range of performance.
  • Standard colors grey and black.
  • Optional chain/tire net for heavy duty applications.
  • The length from 500 to 10.500 mm and the diameter may range from 300 mm to 4500 mm.
  • Special hydro-pneumatic version for submarines.